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Care is the cornerstone of our practice.

[vc_row][vc_column][dt_fancy_title title=”Work Injury Care” title_align=”left” title_size=”h3″ title_color=”title”][ultimate_spacer height=”16″][vc_column_text]IRC Clinic - Work Injury Chiropractor DallasNO OUT OF POCKET COSTS!

Most Worker’s Compensation Insurance covers 100% of the cost of care. This allows us to treat you with no out of pocket expense.

Did you know that Neck and Back injuries are the most common form of injuries occurring at work? This is why chiropractic care is essential in helping you feel normal, again without having to suffer through any additional soreness, discomfort, or pain. It is also beneficial for you to get a thorough examination if your work is increasing your symptoms which are causing your injuries.

At Injury Relief Chiropractic we have successfully treated worker’s compensation cases for over 11 years and will assist you in filling out your claim forms and processing your claim. If you need to take time off of work we will communicate with your employer so that they can be assured that your intention is to return to work as soon as you are able to perform your regular or modified duties.

It is important to receive proper care following an injury, not only to stop the pain, but to rehabilitate the affected area. Without proper healing it is more likely that an injury could progress further.

Don’t let pain affect your performance at work

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